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Over the 120 year history of Council, there have been many times that support has been provided at an international level for women. Although the emphasis of local Councils is "local" in nature, members frequently have reached out to their sisters from distant communities. As early as 1897, early pioneer members who had many struggles themselves, were participating in overseas relief, with the Famine in India campaign. In 1939, a resolution was passed urging action by governments to assist minority groups in Europe suffering hardship and oppression. In 1940, Council raised $3,055.62 for the Canadian National Committee on Refugees, and a further $1,300.00 to assist people in Britain. In 1943, a Chinese War Relief project was supported. A member of Winnipeg Council, Elizabeth MacEwan chaired the National Council of Women of Canada Development Organization (a funding source for many development projects focused on women) in the mid 1990's. Currently, several members of Winnipeg Council are serving as officers of the National Council of Women Development Organization, including the President, Secretary and Treasurer. Recent NCWCDO  projects have been in Senegal, India Ukraine and a Burmese refugee camp.

In 1998 the Council sent a letter to Wangari Maathai, a woman in Kenya, expressing our support for the actions of the Green Belt Movement, an organization of women who are concerned with the land use practices in Kenya and who have planted 2 million trees. Winnipeg Council studied the MAI (Multilateral Agreement on Investment) and sponsored public panels. The harmful effects of this agreement on women in developing countries was stressed. A resolution, (An Agreement on Multilateral Investment) prepared by Winnipeg Council was presented to a cross Canada panel (An Alternative to the MAI) and this resolution became part of the National Council package of resolutions. Members from the Winnipeg Council have attended meetings of the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations, representing National Council at these important meetings. Our voice is heard from City Council to the U.N. through the Council network.